I build funnels
to drive sales
and revenue.

Hello! I'm Krishna Moorthy, a digital marketing professional based in India. I help businesses grow their sales.

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Building profitable funnels
one at a time.

Strategy Design

Building your business online requires the right strategy that is designed to perfection.

Content Strategy
Deployment Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Digital Deployment

Deploying and maintaining digital assets plays a major role in building an efficient funnel.

Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Search Engines
Funnel Building

Powerful funnels are designed by hours of hard and smart work. It requires extreme attention.

Fully Data-Driven
Result Oriented
Highly ROI Focused
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High ROI Funnels.
End of story.

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Started at the age of 14, building web pages inspired me to do bigger things on the web. Today, I've helped businesses generate more than a million dollar in revenue online. Find me on Instagram


Building trust, since 2012

Krishna Moorthy generated a whopping 700% ROI in just 28 days with Google Adwords. I highly recommend him.

Mansib Ibrahim
Founder, London Education Centre

A very dynamic, responsive and vibrant team. Interactive as well. We are having a very pleasant experience working with them, be it marketing, web designing, social media handling, or anything. They excel and will ensure your business excels too! Kudos to the team, keep up the good work!

Dr. Mahesh Nair
Co-Founder, Nip & Tuck Aesthetics

Frequently asked questions

What type of projects do you take on?

I'm comfortable with both B2C and B2B, and I've worked on both verticals for clients around the globe. My choice of projects depends on the project quality, and client's understanding.

What is your hourly rate?

I do not charge hourly for clients who are getting started with me. I keep a monthly charge which depends on the complexity and time required. Apart from that I charge $40 per hour for customers who seek on-going support after the delivery.

What time-zone do you work in?

My workstation and office is situated in India and hence I work in Indian Standard Time (IST). But that doesn't mean that I won't be available for emergencies. I'm committed and dedicated.

What is the typical timeline for a project?

Timeline depends on the project. Some funnels takes a month to three, and some projects need on-going maintenance. Timelines are defined after reading the project brief.

How do you charge for projects ?

Simple, I charge for projects on a monthly recurring basis. Digital marketing takes time, funnel building takes time, and my charges won't destory your pockets.

What does your process look like?

Oops! That's the secret. Anyway, in short I talk with the top executives in the company, I build goals and define the possibilities and limitations of the brand and I communicate very clearly.

From there, the hunt for the funnel begins. (Tip : You'll get a process brief on the video call, once the project is in discussion).

What metrics do you use to measure success?

Smile on the client's face and data. I strongly depend on data-driven approaches. Talking emotions is not my piece of cake, if the funnel can't bring sales, it needs fix and the data won't lie. In short I rely on KPI's to measure success.

What if I need help after the project is complete?

On-going support is something that a client deserves, and I'm happy to do that depending on the terms and conditions from the client.